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Face to Face with Stefano Talassi – September 2016

“ We are at the top of the range in both sectors: Power & Industrial transformers ”

Mr. Stefano Talassi, COO, Transformers & Rectifiers India Pvt. Ltd.

Steel & Metallurgy: Could you tell us about some of the major orders executed by T&R so far, both domestically and globally?
Mr. Stefano Talassi: As far as the T&D sector is concerned this year we received an order of n. 14 – 500 MVA 765 kV power transformer from PGCL & n. 5 – 125 MVA 400 kV shunt reactors from TNTRANSCO corporation. This august 2016 T&R has been awarded an order of 132 MVA Arc Furnace transformer for South America, the biggest EAF transformer ever manufactured by an Indian company after the 70 MVA EAF transformer delivered last year in Middle East. We are at the top of the range in both sectors: Power & Industrial transformers.

SM: Briefly mention the range of your product range specifying the sectors you cater to? Also mention the products T&R offers to the steel sector in particular?
ST: We have well diversified product range comprising of Power Transformers right up to 1000 MVA, 1200 kV class, Distribution transformers of rating 315 kVA & more, rectifier transformers up to 160 kA, Reactors up to 765 kV class & other Special Duty Transformers. In the steel sector we offer Arc Furnace transformers up to 200 MVA together with the series reactor, LF transformers, SAF transformers and Induction furnace transformer as well. All the range of our Industrial transformers covers different solutions at site and is tailor made according to the different requirements of our customers.

SM: What kind of market share does Transformers & Rectifiers enjoy? What is your target in this end?
ST: Today the market share of T&R is around 10% with 20,000 MVA of sales but our target is to reach the no. 1 position in India, among the top players worldwide.

SM: How did the last quarter transpire in terms sales? What would you reckon as the major achievements by T&R of late?
ST: The last Q2 showed a raising of 50% compared to Q2 FY15-16 but the most achievement we got in Q1 where we have more than doubled the previous Q1 FY 15-16 result. We are very proud of our efforts in the continuous improvement of performances even after two years of global recession.

SM: How was the last fiscal in terms orders? Where do you expect the fiscal 2016-17 to end for T&R?
ST: Last financial year we closed with 581 crore INR and our forecast for FY16-17 is to end with a turnover of 1000 crore INR, a real breakthrough performance in the history of T&R since its inception.

SM: ‘Make in India’ is a big step towards revolutionizing the manufacturing sector in India. And how does T&R plan to contribute to this mission?
ST: Today there is a great opportunity in India to change the mindset of the domestic entrepreneur and Indian companies. Make in India campaign is not only a Central Government policy to increase the FDI but also the real belief that India can build great and reliable products. It’s time where the Indian customer can trust the Indian product and T&R is Mr. Stefano Talassi, COO, Transformers & Rectifiers India Pvt. Ltd talks about how T&R is well poised to support make in India programme and Goverment’s special focus on Energy and Power sector with its dedicated approach working daily to do that, together with its quality system approach at the top of all ISO standards, together with its high level engineering teams and R&D department, lean management
system and last but not least together with his over the top service 24×7.

SM: Now, talking about the R&D part, how does T&R focus on innovation in process and product development?
ST: In T&R our motto is the courage to evolve, either in each part of our organization and in each single part of our product, without compromising the reliability and the quality. We work very hard to find out the solutions that can improve our process for a better customer experience. We developed transformers with eco-friendly oil and very low sound level in order to match the new high standards in power sector. Last year T&R has successfully tested a 315 MVA – 400 kV with OLTC autotransformer at KEMA laboratory in Holland: a breakthrough leap in designing under short circuit stresses.
That’s it how we do in T&R.

SM: Give us a glimpse of your production facilities. Also, mention your total workforce?
ST: Our total workforce consists of about 1200 people spread over three facilities around Ahmedabad. One unit in Odhav manufactures distribution transformers up to 72.5 kV voltage level, the unit in Changodar manufactures industrial and power transformers up to 245 kV, the last unit in Moraiya deals with units up to 1200 kV voltage level.

SM: T&R is in three locations based around Ahmedabad. Going ahead, is there any plan to expand your operations?
ST: We have already mentioned that our motto is the courage to evolve and in this sense we continue to seek new product line,including the backward integration and new synergies, as the recent technology license agreement signed with Fuji Electric Co. Ltd. in the field of high voltage level shunt reactors.

SM: How do you see the transformers market in India? What is the growth plan for your company?
ST: Energy & Power sector is one of the most critical components of infrastructure affecting the growth of the economy. The Government has planned to provide affordable 24×7 power for all homes, industrial and commercial establishments and adequate power for farms by 2029. Along with generation, the Government has also increased its focus on the T&D sector which is likely to help in improving PLF levels, improving financial health of SEB’s and reducing transmission losses.

This is likely to drive the demand high and T&R collects this challenge raising our productivity rate year to year, decreasing lead time and inventory costs as well as focusing on our most important asset: the human resources.

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