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Automation and energy optimisation

Due to overcapacity of installed plants, market demand of new project in steelmaking field is poor. This will have an affect on the steel production sector for another 2-3 years. That said, tailored modernization and maintenance jobs will continue to grow.

Mid-size Automation Companies act in the market independently with in-house self developed knowledge.

Requirements from the market:

  • offer of integrated solutions;
  • flexible and quick response to market needs;
  • suggestions for energy optimization.

Raw material utilization and waste treatment

Steelmakers are searching for better and more cost effective utilization of raw material. 

Since non ferrous impurities and inert waste products are affecting more of the available scrap stock, scrap quality is becoming a problem.

Steelmakers struggle to obtain the best metallurgical achievable quality with the lowest cost of raw material.

Best utilization of the Scrap is the key of success for EAF based steelmaking.

Steelmakers are asking for solutions to treat, cut and clean the scrap from inert, plastics and non-ferrous metals before the utilization into the EAF.

Fluffs and other pollutants that still must be land-field disposed create “uncertainty” and would be an expensive item for steel makers.

Acciarium Alliance – the Teamwork

Acciarium Alliance” created a Teamwork of Companies to provide “Tailor-made Solutions”,  adding together Partners’ knowledge in:

Automation and Process Solutions;

Scrap Preparation and Treatment.

All Companies will boost a synergic growth with the other Team Members adding competences and making use of the “Alliance” network.

Customer Steelmakers will find, by the Team’s Members, Solutions to reduce energy and environmental impact thru the use of the «proposals» of the “Alliance” Team.

Faster and more efficient response to Customer thru the utilization of Partners’ plants and offices.

Acciarium Alliance – the working path

Serve better the Market were each Alliance Partner become “local”:

Creating “hubs” of services for each Company to react more quickly;

Propose more integrated offer to Steelmakers;

Provide a new concept in Process Optimization for the full range of Partners’ fields.

Further benefit for Alliance:

Jobs and workload can be shared among the Alliance Partners saving their costs;

Greater scale of synergy for Purchasing, Hardware Platform, Engineering and Tools must be achieved;

The Alliance Partners will be stronger and more competitive in the international Market with a target to be acknowledged as the preferred Solution Provider for Automation and Environment.

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