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SEA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dry-type, cast resin, liquid filled transformers, reactors and coils.

A wide range of high quality expertise addressed to utilities, OEM’s, EPC’s needs and standard distribution purposes field.

Furthermore SEA S.p.A offers customized solutions suitable for oil & gas, mining, metal industry, civil, transport (traction, marine, etc…) and renewable/non-renewable energy sources sectors.

Cast resin transformers

Rated Power: from10 kVA up to 30 MVA
Insulating Level: up to72.5 kV and L.I.325 kV

Dry-type transformers

Rated Power: from10 kVA up to25 MVA
Insulating Level: up to 40.5 kV and L.I.200 kV

Small, medium and large liquid immersed transformers

Rated Power: from10 kVA up to180 MVA
Insulating Level: up to245 kV and L.I.1050 kV

Furnace transformers

Rated Power: up to 150 MVA (72.5 kV Prim. V.)
Rated Secondary Current: up to 120 kA

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