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Solar Power & Energy Storage

Solar Power Plants

Consortium Stream offers highly engineered Solutions for your need of renewable Energy, such as solar, wind and thermal applications.

The most advanced power storage systems are specifically designed according to your requirements.

With more than 3.000 photovoltaic plants to its credit, from the first domestic systems to the industrial ones, up to the solar farms, the STREAM photovoltaic business unit takes care of any phase of the plant implementation: from design to supplies, from work site logistics to construction and commissioning.


Energy Storage Systems

Working with its partners, ESE has developed an important knowledge about PV plants and Electrical Energy Storage with Batteries.

Cooperating with TrendEnergy from 2015, ESE is able to fully support its client in the configuration, estimation, full design and construction supervision of the project, for PV plants (with and without tracker) with and without Battery Storage.

Furthermore, the large experience in the costing activities and the specific knowledge in this field allows ESE to be a very reliable partner in the estimation of the plant cost and in the optimization of the configuration.


ESE has also gained experience on energy storage systems through several feasibility studies on a wide range of technologies: compressed air, pumped-hydro, concrete-based thermal storage, Li-ion and flow batteries.

In particular, ESE has conducted a feasibility study for a Molten Salt Thermal Storage system for conventional plants. The technology grown in CSP field has been applied to a cogenerative power plant to decouple electrical energy generation from steam generation and to increase flexibility.

The study included the basic design of the system and the integration with the existing plant and the cost estimation based on budget offers from specialized molten salt equipment suppliers.

Floating Solar Plants (Floating PV)

ESE, together with STREAM consortium, which ESE belongs to, are developing a Floating PV solution.

Combining the experience at energy production plants with our partner’s experience on floating structures the project scope is to bring flexibility and alternatives for power production to owners of unused water bodies, such as flooded quarries and hydropower dams.


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