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Redecam offers highly engineered air pollution control solutions for the Cement & LimeMetals & MiningCoal & Oil PowerWaste-to-Energy & Biomass Power and Biomass & Pulp and Paper industries, helping customers all over the globe meet their air emission reduction targets in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Our track record is strong with over 2,000 projects in nearly 90 countries. We are experts at designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning brand-new state-of-the-art air filtration and gas treatment solutions in record time. Over the past 30 years, Redecam’s market-leading technologies – and our team’s innovation and flexibility – have also allowed us to provide upgrade, retrofit and transformation solutions to existing equipment at a lower CAPEX, at a higher performance level and in less time than our competitors, many of whom only sell more expensive complete new systems.



Our mission is to be the partner of choice for all your air pollution control needs. We aim to offer the best solutions on the market, tailored specifically to your needs, to meet your current – and if desired, future – emission reduction requirements at a cost and within a time frame that allows you to continue regular production and to be more competitive in your markets.

Our Values


Bag Filters

We offer multiple Bag Filter models for flow rates from 10,000 m3 to 3,000,000 m3 (353,000 ft3 to 105,000,000 ft3) and for dust loads of 1 g to 1 kg (0.035 oz to 35 oz).


  • Unsurpassed filtration.Our Bag Filters can operate well under the world’s strictest emissions regulations and remove more fine and ultra-fine particulates than any others on the market.
  • Incomparable life expectancy.We have Bag Filters that were installed over 25 years ago that still achieve the strictest emission requirements today.
  • Innovative solutions.Our persistent R&D has led to innovations such as our SPS and Bi-Jet Bag Cleaning System, ensuring unequalled performance.
  • Guaranteed casing tightness.Our SPS bag fixation system ensures 100% casing tightness, meaning no dust leakages.
  • Reduced energy costs.Redecam’s Bi-Jet Bag Cleaning System reduces your system’s compressed air usage by up to 40%, lowering energy costs.
  • High temperature capacity.We offer Extreme High Temperature Bag Filters which can withstand temperatures of up to 1000ºC (1832ºF).

Electrostatic Precipitators


  • Unparalleled reliability and longevity.Many of the ESPs we designed and installed 25 years ago are still working effectively and efficiently today.
  • Optimized performance.Redecam’s Rigid Emission Electrodes (RREE) system has an innovative design that ensures peak performance and low maintenance.
  • Improved efficiency.Our unique profile design for our collecting plates improves efficiency as it reduces dust-entrapment during the rapping phase.
  • Reduced dust re-entrainment.We take particular care in designing and manufacturing the baffles to avoid dust re-entrainment during rapping.
  • Perfect alignment.Our electrodes are aligned at the bottom, not at the top, allowing thermal expansion and flexibility during all operating conditions.

Dual Action Filters


  • Highly effective.Our Dual-Action Filter is the best air filtration solution available for most plants.
  • Lower CAPEX.Whether new or a transformation of an obsolete ESP or bag filter, a Dual-Action Filter can be the most cost-effective investment.
  • Lower OPEX.Reduced compressed air and energy consumption as well as lower maintenance costs.
  • Low levels of emissions for a longer time.Because our Bag Filter’s load is shared with the ESP, filter bags last longer ensuring the efficiency of your system.
  • Homogeneous gas distribution.Our unique Distribution Screen ensures the gas/dust sent to the filter bags is homogeneous, increasing efficiency and ensuring relatively even wear.
  • Transformation solutions.We can transform your obsolete ESP or bag filter into our effective Dual-Action Filter, ensuring your plant complies with all emissions regulations.


We can design cyclones for applications such as in the cement industry in which there are high particulate levels, around 100 g/Nm3 (0,0437 gr/dscf), and we can also engineer cyclones for lighter applications such as for incinerators or in the biomass sector, where the ash concentration is on average 5 g/Nm3 (0,00219 gr/dscf).


  • Superior particulate removal.Even when used in the worst conditions, our cyclones offer higher efficiency than other such devices.
  • Cost-effective. Our cyclones offer particulate removal at a lower cost than other air filtration solutions.
  • Multiple options.We offer sizes ranging from 500 mm to 5 m (1’ 7” to 16’ 5”) in diameter.
  • Durable.Our cyclones are designed to last a long time and built to resist abrasion and corrosion.
  • Maintenance-free.Unlike many air filtration devices, our cyclones do not contain any moving or replaceable parts.
  • Easy installation.Even as an addition to existing systems.

Desulfurization (DeSOx)


  • Our high performance system. Our DID is up to 98% effective, depending on which of our three models you choose and your plant’s process parameters.
  • Our attractive price tag. Our DID system costs a fraction of the price of traditional desulfurization methods.
  • Our fast execution. Whereas a wet scrubbing system can require over a year from design to installation, our DID system requires months to complete.
  • Our compact system. Our DID has a very limited footprint compared to other solutions that require significant space.
  • Our efficient injections. Using our in-house simulation software, we calculate the optimal injection points to ensure a homogeneous gas distribution, garnering a more effective reaction.
  • Our system’s low sorbent consumption.We can design a system that uses minimal reagent when paired with the recirculation option.

Mercury and Metals Absorption


  • Our proven technology.Our MAS can reduce mercury and other metals and contaminants by more than 90%.
  • Our perfected mixing. Our experts have calculated and tested the dosing function to perfect the dispersion of the reagent in the gas.
  • Our low reagent consumption. We can inject the sorbent before the air heater, garnering a faster reaction, further reducing reagent consumption.
  • Our expertise choosing the right adsorbent. The right choice ensures a lower consumption, a safe operation and a better integration.
  • Our flexible operations system. Our system is fully automated with hands-free operation and integrated into the main operations centre of your plant.
  • Our One-Step Cleaning Solution.Our proven system removes all pollutants with a highly compact design and offers easy and low-cost installation.

Denitrification (DeNOx)

Redecam offers the most effective ways of reducing nitric oxide and/or nitrogen dioxide (NOX) in raw gas emissions, which contribute to acid rain and photochemical oxidation in the atmosphere as well as respiratory diseases. We offer Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) and Hybrid SNCR/SCR Systems, as well as catalytic bags.


  • The highest NOXreduction rates on the market.Depending on the system and your process parameters, we can achieve 95% NOX reduction.
  • Ensured results.Our long-time experience in CFD modeling ensures field results reproduce theoretical CFD analyses.
  • Low maintenance.Our systems do not corrode as operations occur above dew-point.
  • Low OPEX options.Our engineers carefully study the reactions to provide low reagent consumption while selecting the appropriate catalyst to offer a low regeneration cycle.
  • A fast and reliable team.We can install and commission quickly, with little or no downtime, depending on the DeNOXsystem chosen.

One Step Cleaning Solution


  • Total pollutant removal.This proven system removes all pollutants in one step (dust, SOX, mercury, HCl, Cl, HF, dioxins, furans, heavy metals).
  • Easy and low-cost installation.Depending on your process parameters and layout, we can install this One Step system as a retrofit.
  • Highly compact design.No matter your current space limitations, our engineers will find a solution to incorporate this system into your plant.
  • Low maintenance.There’s no risk of corrosion, since the operation occurs above dew point, meaning low maintenance.
  • Re-usable by-product.The by-product of our FGT system is a dry, powdery residue which – depending on its composition – can be used as a filler (e.g. road construction) after stabilization or landfilled.
  • Low sorbent consumption.We can design a system that uses minimal sorbents when paired with the recirculation option.

Gas Conditioning Towers


  • Unparalleled efficiency.We use model tests and CFD simulations to calculate the ideal timing and gas distribution parameters.
  • Even mixing.We have mastered our Gas Distribution System (GDS) to ensure even gas/water mixing, avoiding the creation of mud.
  • Reduced energy costs.Our optional Dual-Nozzle System allows you to reduce the number of nozzles in operation when operating with lower gas volumes.
  • Smaller tower size.Our special nozzles, coupled with our GDS, increase evaporation, reducing the gas retention time in the tower and thus the tower’s size. Our GDS can even be applied as a retrofit to improve our competitors’ installations.
  • Optimized control system.Our Temperature Control System is designed to optimize reaction times, allowing you to cope with new process conditions at the tower inlet rapidly to ensure continued efficiency.

Gas to AIR Heat Exchangers


  • Enhanced heat exchange.With their unique designs, our Gas-to-Air Heat Exchangers (HEs) minimize losses of pressure and offer a limited footprint.
  • Perfect seals.Special fasteners provide perfect seals while allowing the internal tubes to expand and contract in differing heat conditions, preventing assembly stress and deformation.
  • Reduced equipment costs.Our HEs will reduce the required size of the bag filter, exhaust fans, ducts and stacks.
  • Reduced power consumption.Our HEs’ specially designed side panels, perfect seals and customized fans ensure reduced energy use, even when working at high capacity.
  • Increased pressure stability.Our HEs increase the pressure stability at the outlet connection, resulting in stable conditions at the outlet, particularly important in the cement industry.
  • Easily transportable for less costly delivery.The design of our Gas-to-Air Heat Exchangers allows us to ship them completely pre-assembled in bundle sizes suitable for common carriers.

Mixing Chambers

Our Mixing Chambers (MC) are ideal when several gases, often at different temperatures, converge before going through an air pollution control (APC) system. Our Mixing Chambers blend the gases together and equalize their temperatures in order to enter the APC system homogeneously. This is key to ensuring an effective emissions reduction system.


  • Customized design. Redecam tailors the design for each customer based on duct layout and process flow.
  • Ideal when water is not available.In plants at which our Gas Conditioning Towers and Water Injection Systems are not viable due to a lack of water, our Mixing Chambers provide a good option.
  • Double as a dust pre-separator. Ideal for heavy-duty applications. The collected dust is discharged into a hopper and onto the global dust transport system.
  • Provide an effective emergency backup. Since there’s no water or other cooling agent (other than air) involved, and there are no controls required, our MCs are ideal emergency backups for your other gas conditioning units.
  • Can act as a spark arrestor. We can modify the design to integrate a spark arrestor for biomass or pulp and paper plants.

Water Injection Systems

Our Water Injection System (WIS) improves the stoichiometric ratio and therefore the efficiency of your flue gas treatment (FGT) system. It is a gas conditioning solution that injects water to lower the gas’s temperature and increase its humidity, reducing the amount of reagent required. Our WIS features special nozzles that convert the water into such a fine mist that it’s more like a fog. This offers multiple advantages for an effective and efficient air pollution control system.


  • High evaporation rates.Our special nozzles help achieve the highest evaporation rates on the market.
  • Homogenous temperature distribution. Our hundreds of installed nozzles garner an even temperature throughout the entirety of the treated gas, ensuring more effective air pollution control.
  • Allows for a compact layout.Our WIS has an impressively short evaporation time, meaning less duct space is required.
  • Suitable for retrofits.We can add our WIS to an existing system without major layout changes. Indeed retrofits and upgrades are among our specialties.
  • Reduced energy consumption.Our WIS operates with lower pressure losses than other such systems, offering reduced energy consumption.

Handling Products

Redecam offers a wide range of solutions with distinctive design features for the transportation and storage of dust, ash and chemicals involved in air filtration and gas treatment.

All our transportation solutions are high capacity, but offer low power consumption. Among them:

  • Screw Conveyors
  • Redlers
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Pneumatic transport systems

Redecam also provides several storage equipment options such as silos and hoppers, in order to offer our customers a full handling system solution.

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