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Tallman Technologies Inc is a global designer & manufacturer of BOF & EAF lances, centrifugal lance tips, oxy-fuel burners, post combustion injectors, and water-cooled burner glands and panels.

Tallman Technologies Inc also designs and manufactures a variety of sand and centrifugally cast copper and copper-based alloy products including bearings, bushings, gear blanks, cooling plates, slippers, wear plates, and liners.

We combine 140 years of casting experience with the latest proven technologies to develop innovative quality product solutions tailored to your evolving requirements.


For Steel Making

Supersonic Carbon Injector

The Tallman Supersonic Carbon Injector (TSCi™) uses supersonic jets to create a coherent injection stream, delivering carbon to the bath at almost twice the speed of sound. As a turnkey carbon injection system, the assembly can be easily installed in any existing furnace using readily available plant air.


Supersonic Lime Injector

The Tallman Supersonic Lime Injector (TSLI™) uses supersonic jets to create a coherent injection stream, delivering HiCal lime and DoloLime to the bath at almost twice the speed of sound. As a turn-key lime injection system, the assembly can be easily installed in any existing furnace using readily available plant air.

EAF Lance Tips

Tallman Technologies Inc produces EAF Lance Tips using a proprietary and unique centrifugal casting grain refinement method. This method results in a monolithic Lance Tip with outstanding jet precision and wear characteristics, both of which are proven to be critical to excellent performance and increased Lance Tip life.

Tallman Technologies Inc’s EAF Lance Tips utilize our patented SWIRL COOL™ technology. Using computer-based computational fluid dynamic models, the internal geometry of the Lance Tip is designed to maximize cooling efficiency, extending Lance Tip life.

Sill Panels

The Tallman Technologies Inc Sill Panel improves metallurgical performance by positioning your burners closer to the bath, for any burner system or furnace design. Utilizing a replaceable Front Burner Panel with adjustable burner mounting, the Tallman Technologies Inc SILL Panel design provides complete customization with reduced maintenance costs. Simply replace the Front Burner Panel while the rest of the assembly remains in the furnace. Separate cooling channels, with individual water connections, allows for flow rate customization.

Cast Copper Water Cooled Panels

Experience has proven that copper panels along the sill result in increased furnace performance and reduction in maintenance costs.

Tallman Technologies Inc provides custom designed, water-cooled copper panels. With CFD simulation, water channels are custom designed to improve panel cooling. This improves panel life and reduces replacement cost.

Cast copper water-cooled panels better absorb and distribute localized heat inputs when compared to conventional steel or copper pipe panel designs. As a result, cast copper water-cooled panels are not subject to weld or cracking failures; leading to significantly better performance and reduced costs.

Tallman Technologies Inc also designs and manufactures cast copper panels for the entire EAF.

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For Iron Making

Standard Blast Furnace Tuyeres

To perform reliably, a Blast Furnace tuyere must not only have optimal design, but it must also be produced with very high purity copper to allow for maximum heat transfer. Tallman Technologies Inc blast furnace parts are made to x-ray quality standards and by utilizing only the highest purity electrolytic copper, we have among the highest conductivity in the industry. Tallman Technologies Inc tuyeres are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the tough demands of today’s modern Ironmaker.


Tuyeres with High Velocity Spiral Cooling

Tallman Technologies Inc takes the concept of a dual flow tuyere to the next level with intensive, computer optimized nose cooling designs, including radiused chamber and high velocity spiral designs. In addition, centrifugally cast tuyere noses are available using the same grain refinement technology used in Tallman Technologies Inc’s EAF and BOF lance tips, to increase wear resistance and improve overall life of the tuyere.



CeraMet™Metal Refractory Tuyere Inserts

Today’s Ironmaker faces extreme challenges from high revert burdens and throttling requirements brought about by demanding and volatile market conditions. Tallman Technologies Inc has responded to the challenge of running furnaces at reduced wind rate by developing a new tuyere insert that combines tremendous toughness and abrasion resistance under extreme high service temperature conditions. In addition, the alloy is centrifugally cast to maximize density and reduce porosity. The alloy has an oxidation rate of less than 0.5mm/year!. These inserts are engineered to provide long term service life at hot blast temperatures up to 2200°F (1200°c).

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Centrifugal and sand casting

Tallman Technologies Inc designs and manufactures a variety of sand and centrifugal castings in a wide range of copper and copper-based alloys including the aluminum, manganese, leaded-tin, and tin bronzes. Special alloys such as high conductivity copper and chrome copper are also cast on a regular basis. Additionally, they specialize in the production of non-commercial alloys which are made to the customer’s individual material specifications.

Tallman Technologies Inc brings over a century of experience to every casting we manufacture. The company is large enough to handle the most challenging projects, yet small enough to ensure personalized service and rigorous quality control at all times.

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