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Acciarium – Swiss Melting Technologies

Swiss Melting Technologies

Swiss Melting Technologies develops and manufactures burners and complete combustion systems (turn key systems) applied in different industrial sectors.

By adopting an approach strongly aimed at innovation and constant research for more efficient technologies, the company has been able to change its activities throughout the years, in particular, offering important support to its Customers, on upgrading their own equipment and processes.

The main goal of Swiss Melting Technologies is to design and implement custom oriented burners and  equipment, providing innovative solutions aimed at optimizing existing processes, removing limiting factors and bottlenecks, minimizing operational costs and the environmental impact, i.e. saving CO2 released in atmosphere.

Swiss Melting Technolgies designs and builds most of the burners installed in metallurgical and glass plants, both for Gaseous fuels (NG, LPG, Low LHV gases at variable compositions) as well as Liquid Fuels (from Diesel Oil to Heavy Fuel Oil).

The company also acquired a large experience in design and construction of burners Oxy-fuel, in range from 20 kW up to 6MW, suitable to be applied to several industrial processes and therefore with different flame shape and features.


  • Turn key combustion units for industrial furnaces (i.e. metal or glass melting, reheating)
  • Air-gas or Oxygen-gas Industrial burners and pilot burners
  • Burners for refinery applications (fired heaters, steam reformers, cracking furnaces,…)
  • Flow interception and flow control valves for gases and fluids flow regulation
  • Process instrumentation (flow, pressure, temperature measurement)
  • Preassembled gases/liquids flow control and interception skids
  • Air Blowers
  • Pumps for water, high viscosity fluids, light and heavy fuel oils
  • Steam heat exchangers for heavy viscous media (i.e. heavy fuel oil)
  • Heat exchangers for heat recovery from furnaces exhausts (fumes /air, fumes/liquid fluids)
  • Fumes filtration plants
  • Fumes dampers
  • Filters for water and hydrocarbons
  • Air separation units to produce technical gases based on adsorption or cryogenic technologies (Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen)
  • Natural Gas liquefier plants

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