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Today SICON has the ability to change the scrap processing and metal separation Business. Our mission is to build the most reliable and efficient systems for the recycling industry, contributing to our partners’ economic success without compromising ecological factors. Our strategy is defined by the drive to develop processes that allow complete resource recovery from scrap. SICON harmonizes economic features with ecological aspects.

SICON’s core competence is the innovative processing of scrap and shredder residues; additionally we have successfully adopted our competence to density-based separation of plastics. All SICON systems have been designed, built and operated in our own pilot plant undergoing extensive testing for efficiency, wear and tear.

As a result, we supply what our customers really need, independent from any specific product range. Our range of services is not limited to machinery, but further includes addition of new equipment into existing processes or facilities as well as consultation throughout each step of a project-planning, commissioning and service. We know the materials, we know how it is to operate a recycling facility, we understand your business and are continuously monitoring related market dependencies.

At SICON we strive to deliver better solutions, utilizing the best minds, and implementing superior processes making us the undefeated Processing Experts.



-Scrap processing

-(A)SR processing

-WEEE processing

-Plastic processing


– Shredding

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HMS Processing

Clean scrap for improved meltshop efficiency

Purposely improving the quality of steel scrap is for SICON the driving force behind the heavy metal scrap (HMS) preparation process. HMS scrap is cleaned intensively and any NF metals that are still present are separated. The result is a scrap quality with a considerably higher FE content and reduced NF parts (specifically copper and aluminum).

A highly efficient and reliable scrap screening process with integrated metal recovery step that was specifically developed for this application enables a significant improvement in quality while delivering additional scope of metal recovery at the same time. The innovative combination of efficient SICON screening and magnetic separation produces optimum results.

SICON’s HMS concept is built on a modular design and as a result can be implemented gradually. The SICON NF separation unit that was specifically developed for this application can also be integrated in the HMS processing step for refining separated NF metals and screened fraction (fines). Of course, these solutions can also be implemented separately and offline.

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Input Material

Output Material

EcoRip Pre-Shredder

The basis for a more efficient shredder process

Processing shredder input material with the aid of EcoRip always makes good sense both technically and economically. The SICON EcoRip Pre-Shredder is characterized by a high output at defined particle sizes and is also especially easy to maintain. That makes the EcoRip the benchmark in terms of technology and efficiency when it comes to processing shredder input material. The EcoRip is ideal both for pre-shredding mixed scrap with integrated screening step as alternative to a guillotine shear as well as for pre-shredding shredder input material prior to loading onto a shredder infeed conveyor. The SICON EcoRip can also be flexibly used as an effective standalone solution or can be subsequently added to an existing system at any time.

Its key advantages include an improvement in the performance of the main shredder by up to 30% with increased reliability (reduced wear and tear and decrease in emissions) as well as lower energy costs (kWh/m.ton of FE output) with improved quality of scrap (higher density). An ideal implementation calls for the control system of the main shredder to be adapted by an expert from SICON (IntelliShred). The advantages posed by the SICON EcoRip are reflected in the considerable improvement in the operational efficiency of the shredder line. EcoRip will make your shredder process considerably more competitive.

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With EcoShred® Compact, SICON relies on state-of-the-art shredder technology integrated in a modular and economically viable system. Both the technical characteristics and the low necessary infrastructure costs are impressive.

The EcoShred® Compact is equipped with an integrated pre-shredder, which is implemented as a twin-shaft shredder system with flipper. The combination of pre-shredder and main shredder entails significant advantages:

Advantages of an integrated pre-shredder

  • Scrap is prepared and homogenized for further compaction in the shredder
  • The risk of explosions is decreased significantly
  • Unshreddables do not enter the shredder, which results in an improved operational reliability
  • Prevention of any peak loads in the main shredder (uniform power consumption)
  • Bales can also be processed with a driving power of 1,000 kW

Shredding made simple – like never before
Pre-shredder and shredder combined in one system results in a significant reduction of the specific energy consumption per ton of shredded scrap. The finely tuned shredding stages lead to a fully automatic operation. That means, the system can be monitored by a single crane operator. It is no longer necessary to install a separate operation container.

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