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With more than 40 years of history in supply of highest quality automation systems all over the world, AIC is a recognized  leader in rolling mill automation field. Passion in technologies, excellence in quality and tailored service to Customers are the pillars of the Company.

AIC designs, manufactures and commissions tailored state of the art industrial automation system, with a special focus for the whole metals industry. AIC is a reliable and technological partner for both project of new installation and revamping of existing mill. A long time experience of all main mill makers allow a deep knowledge of different mechanical equipment, combined with the benefit of independent Automation supply. Each tailored power & control solution is a guarantee of:
–   Lower cost for economic yield
–   Matching with each specific process constraint
–   Re-use as much as possible of existing hardware
–   Partner not bound to any specific platform
–   Low investment and fast return on step-by-step schedule


Automation Plants

AIC has always been known, since the very beginning of its activity, not only as a supplier of automation equipment but as a reliable and qualified partner providing state-of-art technical solutions for equipment design and for the capability of handling complex project schedules, and thus establish satisfactory and remarkable partnerships. Long-time experience and deep know-how allow AIC to be a leading supplier for complete Power control systems as well as level 0, 1 and 2 automation and Process Control.
The specific automation tool RACS (Rolling Mill Automation Control System) is an integrated package for a complete rolling mill control, including all the critical issue such us cascade control, tension & loop control, speed reference, shears, coil forming and fine tuning of each machine.
With more than 800 applications worldwide, AIC can boost a unique experience in both greenfield and revamping projects in long products rolling mills and continuous casting machines.



AIC is today one of the leading suppliers of Electrical and Automation systems for the whole Metals industry, and the Long Products Rolling Mills in particular.
Thanks to a great expertise and technical know-how AIC helps each customer to find the better solution for the critical issues of its Rolling Mill, also from process and configuration point of view.

Safety System and Advanced Solutions

Safety access control with key removal systems

CCTV systems grant high safety standards and a constant and effective production control

Integration between SCADA screens and real-time images of the plant

Continuous recording with play-back option

Camera system also on wireless technology and fiber optic

Historical and Analysis with trend systems

Material shape detection devices

Special Applications and Technologies

-AIC supports every customer in order to find the most advanced solution to set-up each area of the plant, suggesting, designing and supplying robotic, video and analysis systems according to any specific need.

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