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Lifting Equipment

Industrial Cranes:

  • Span: from 12m to 25m
  • Capacity: from 1 ton to 200 ton

Automatic Cranes

  • Span: from 10 mt to 40 mt
  • Capacity: from 16 ton to 150 ton

Gantry Cranes
Bay cranes
Hoists, other Special cranes

Capacity: 100/40/5 t
Span: 29,4 mt
Capacity: 130 t
Span: 20 mt
Capacity: 150/40 t
Span: 13,2 mt

Electrical and Mechanical Applications

– Design and fabrication of both Electrical boards and Mechanical devices
– Machining of heavy duty valves and turbines

Hydro Power Generation


Equipment and turn key solutions for hydro power generation

Copper Products

Design and Manufacturing of Injection lances, lance tips, oxy-fuel burners, with a variable supersonic jet, post combustion injectors, and water-cooled burner glands and panels.

Ladle heaters, 40% copper fusion in the external circular crown, where the component is more worn, and 40% ecological fiber-ceramic.

A variety of cast copper and copper-based alloy products including cooling plates, copper panels, slippers, wear plates, and liners.

Valve stands for multiple gases

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