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Transforming India’s Power and Steel Sector

Transformers and Rectifiers is already one of the largest transformer manufacturers in the market with a wide range of transformers for power and industrial sectors. With every new order, the company is setting a new benchmark of capability. Now the company is focused on further expanding its product range by investing in new facilities, skilled workforce, and R&D. In an interview with Steel & Metallurgy, Mr. Stefano Talassi, discusses his company’s ambitious plans.

We understand T&R primarily offers transformers two categories i.e. Power Transformers and Industrial Transformers. Could you give us a glimpse of the entire industrial transformer range offered by T&R? In this regard, please mention the products for the steel sector in particular?

T&R has a total installed capacity of 36000 MVA to manufacture Power Transformer upto 1000 MVA, 1200 kV Class, Distribution Transformers from 315 kVA and above, Furnace Transformer upto 120 kA, Rectifier Transformer upto 160 kA DC, Reactors upto 765 kV. As far as the steel sector is concerned we are market leader in India for SAF, together with a growing presence in LF and ARC furnace application as well as Induction Furnace Transformers. Our industrial transformers are installed in steel plants, rolling mill plants as well as in chemical and converter duty projects.

What is the current market share of the products offered by Transformers and Rectifiers in India? Do you have any benchmark target for your market share, let’s say by 2020?

T&R is one of the third largest transformer manufacturers in India and our current market share is aroundat 12%: our target is to reach the 15% level by 2020.

How was the last fiscal in terms of order book and sales?

The last fiscal year was influenced by large 500 MVA transformer rating executions that pushed down the turnover but increased the actual productivity. The total order book stands on around 900 crore INR.

How was the sales and profit scenario during the FY18 and
first quarter of FY19?

The financial performance of T&R in Q4 grabbed a good order flow in the domestic jobs as well as the breakthrough orders with important customer as Abinsk in Russia and SAIL in India. We are expecting a good growth in the Q3 of the FY 19 based on orders already in our hands.

What are your expectations from the current fiscal?

We had good beginning in term of sales in Q1 and order book available in Q3 and good tenders in pipeline in the domestic as well as in the export market.

Mr. Stefano Talassi
COO, Transformers & Rectifiers India Pvt. Ltd
“As far as the steel sector is concerned we are market leader in India for SAF, together with a growing presence in LF and ARC  furnace application as well as Induction Furnace Transformers.“

Energy efficiency and sustainability are major constituents of decision making by a customer prior to new equipment purchase. What kind of cost savings a customer can expect from right selection of energy efficient transformers? Does T&R offer any support to its customer in cost savings analysis?

We are always in close contact with our customer to analyze the best options in capex and cost saving, without any compromise in the quality and reliability of the product. Our R&D department is involved in each aspect of our supply chain to find out the right solution that can suit the needs of the end user and the return of investment.

Power sector is a crucial factor for infrastructure development in a country. In light of this, how do you see the growth power sector in India? How is your company positioned to cater to the power sector in India? What are the investment plans of T&R in transmission sector in India?

India has a huge need of infrastructure development and the power sector is the back bone of the country. For this reason we will expect the key role of the Central Government in terms of investments and projects, especially in the renewable energies and in the National Energy Policy 24/7 power for all by
2022. T&R aims to expand in the sector of GIS equipment as well as HV bushings, CT and PT, becoming the landmark in the transmission sector with high value service for the customer: investments in assets and new technical skilled people have been done so far in these directions.

Please tell us about the R&D initiatives by T&R?

With the aim to focus and strengthen capabilities by factoring stringent quality and reliability benchmarks in every stage of Design and Development of World Class Transformers, T&R India Limited has a dedicated R&D Division with committed professionals and world class facilities. In addition to new product development and design automation R&D Division is working on technology absorption from TLA partners, design analysis & optimization, process development etc. Some of the key projects successfully completed include:

• Development of 333 MVA, 1200 kV Single phase transformer;
• Development and successful Dynamic Short Circuit Testing of 315 MVA 400 kV Auto Transformer;
• Development of Ester filled green power transformers;
• Development of eco-friendly ultra-low noise transformers;
• Development of Aluminum wound power transformer.

Give us a glimpse of your production facilities including workforce. Going ahead, is there any plan to expand your operations?

T&R is located in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) with three different manufacturing facilities in Moraiya, Changodar and Odhav based on the product segmentation with roughly 1,200 people employed. The neighborhood of Mundra port and the International airport gives a value added and delivery time reduction in all our supply chain.

The implementation of new and more efficient testing lab for power transformers is in the pipeline.

Could you please mention some of the major orders executed by your company so far in India?

In the last financial year T&R has been awarded by the breakthrough order and execution of 156 MVA EAF transformer for CIS market, already delivered to the end user in less than 6 months: we have beaten our previous record of 132 MVA EAF transformer manufactured for South America. This achievement is in line with our permanent growth in the market sector of Ultra-High Power furnace transformers and it is the award of our long term investment in the steel sector.

We successfully commissioned in Mexico our 132 MVA in January 2018 and we have been awarded by SAIL with 30 MVA LF furnace that strengthens our presence in the Indian steel sector.

As the COO of Transformers & Rectifiers India Pvt. Ltd. what are your growth plan for your company?

The growth plan for T&R is always focused on new solutions for our customer to cover their needs: this is the reason why T&R is not only a manufacturing corporate but also an engineering company, able to give full service and out of the box arrangements. T&R products are always tailored made for customer requirements avoiding unnecessary expenses, thanks to our team and engineers working every day for new ideas and improvements.

We are always in close contact with our customer to analyze the best options in capex and cost saving, without any compromise in the quality and reliability of the product.