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On 3rd January 2018 the 132 MVA – 33 kV EAF furnace transformer went successfully in service at the steel plant of the Grupo Acerero in San Luis Potosi (Mexico): it  have been successfully performed all the commissioning tests in accordance with international standard IEC.

The unit comes with an open delta solution on the secondary side together with a maximum secondary line current of 84 kA for which special measures have been taken to avoid overheating the metallic parts during the on-site operations. The on load tap changer, key and strategic device during the several per day switching, comes from the proven German technology of MR Reinhausen. The water cooling system was designed and supplied in accordance with a European partner.

The Transformer & Rectifier India Ltd. confirmed with this supply to be the leader in India in the manufacture of industrial machines at high current and power for domestic and foreign markets, basing its technology through proven and reliable solutions.