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AIC has been awarder from Alfa Acciai Group for a complete revamping of Wire Rod Line finishing area

AIC has received a new order from Alfa Acciai group for the complete revamping of the finishing area of Wire Rod Line – Rolling mill no.1 plant in Brescia.

This project is finalized to a deep modernization of an obsolete control system and is based on a turn-key state of the art solution. The scope of supply includes new power control and automation cabinets and stations, safety equipment, new PLC and HMI software system, commissioning and production assistance.

The job is started since the first weeks of the year and foresees the engineering completion by the end of February and complete delivery within the end of July, in order to allow AIC & Alfa Acciai to install and test the whole supply during the capital shut-down of August.

The main equipment to be supplied are summarized in the following list:

  • Power control equipment equipped with ABB AC/AC converters and suited to control roller tables and transfers 
  • MCC expansion for the control of new pumps
  • Master PLC cabinet equipped with Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC and suited to command the wire rod finishing line
  • Set of RIO Cabinets equipped with Remote I/O and Safety I/O Allen Bradley Point I/O type
  • Main control desk suited equipped with Remote I/O and Safety I/O Allen Bradley Point I/O type
  • Set of local control stations and safety boxes equipped with Remote I/O and Safety I/O Allen Bradley Point I/O type and safety released keys
  • Set of local command stations suited to control binding machines
  • Development of PLC and HMI software
  • Engineering and technical documentation
  • Equipment tests, commissioning and production assistance

This deep revamping project aims to an effective modernization of an obsolete automation system and is based on standard market components. Furthermore the integration between the new control system and the safety equipment will allow a proper management of safety access logics, supervised and managed by safety software PLC/HMI, developed on Allen Bradley platform.

The commissioning activities are planned for the summer shut-down in August; AIC will take care of each phase, starting from supervision to erection up to cold and hot commissioning and production assistance.

Read the article here: http://www.aicnet.it/pdfNews/2017001-PR-EN_AIC_press_Alfa_WRL.pdf